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Who’s behind Finca Vegana?

It’s us, the Finca Family: Lenny, Nina, James, Josie 🐕, Nala 🐕 & Pumpkin 🐈

Lenny, James and Nina - the small family behind the Finca Vegana

We’ve been calling this little paradise our home since Summer 2018. In search of a nice, quiet parking area to spend a few nights while on a parental leave tour in our camper Helmut, we chanced upon Finca Vegana. Our first impression was that this was a unique setting. We fell in love with the magic and idyll of the Finca. As luck would have it, the operators at the time were looking for a young, attractive, dynamic couple to take over the reins. A perfect fit 😉 It simply felt right and within days, we decided to try our luck.

A family business run with heart and passion

The desire to build something of our own was conceived many years ago. Our travels provided us with constant inspiration and time to dream. Coupled with countless lengthy conversations, our dreams took shape and we felt that it was time for a change. We wanted out of the city, out of “the norm”, out of the hamster wheel. Our own holiday homes to rent, preferably with a campsite and in the middle of nature, that was the dream.

Everyone knows that dreams can come true ✨

Our goal is to create a positive encounter with veganism for guests at Finca Vegana. We want to help raise awareness of a more mindful lifestyle. We want to be good role models, inspire people and show them that vegans are not weird – but just as normal, or crazy, as everyone else. A home away from home, that’s how it should feel for you.

We are passionate about what we do and try our best every day to make the Finca a little oasis for you. Whether events, gardening, booking inquiries, discussions with guests, repairs, excursion tips or cooking: we pay great attention to detail in everything we do. The food is particularly important to us. We prepare all meals fresh and almost everything we serve is homemade.

Finca Vegana is our passion project. Therefore we would like to invite you to experience an unforgettable time with us in a familiar atmosphere and to be part of our Finca Life.

We look forward to your visit.

Nina, James, Lenny, Josie, Pumpkin & Nala 🐾

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