Finca Vegana


The Corona crisis, a new reality and our dreams

The whole world is changing. Everything is different. After weeks on lockdown and the contact ban, everyone is slowly approaching their limits. Finca Vegana is not exempt from that, Spain[…]

A tapas plate with rice, potatoes, fried veggies and a selection of raw goodness, with a portion of our famous Aioli.

Vegan Aioli Recipe

This aioli is undoubtedly our most requested recipe – and with good reason It takes less than three minutes and tastes simply AMAZING! We get asked for the recipe almost[…]

Finca Family Lenny, James and Nina in black and white


Sometimes you don’t even notice how the time flies. Summer turns to Winter and then, in the blink of an eye,  Spring’s first blossoms arrive.  Throwing ourselves in the deep[…]

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