Finca Vegana

Alkaline Fasting Week, May, 4th to 11th 2019

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Would you like to improve your diet, but don’t really know where to start? Do you feel tired and unhealthy? Or maybe your New years Resolutions didn’t work out so well and you’re lacking motivation? Then our Alkaline Fasting Week is just the thing for you!

Carefully planned alkaline fasting is a good deed for body, mind and soul. Not only do you detox your body, but you reset your taste buds – an all-round restart, so to speak.

At Finca Vegana, surrounded by magical nature, it will be easy for you to leave everyday life behind and take time just for you. We cook up delicious, 100% alkaline dishes and support you during the week by providing you with a variety of exciting foods. The best thing about it? Alkaline fasting is not about starving yourself but using food to detox. Within the first few days you will not only feel healthier, but also more vital and balanced.

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