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The Finca Vegana Diaries

So close and yet so far…

Seeing as most of you couldn’t be here with us this year, we created a series which we would like to share with you over the next few weeks: The Finca Vegana Diaries.

Meet the Finca Family and discover more about the hosts of the vegan paradise, Finca Vegana  🌱🐕🌷🍜🤸🏼‍♀️

Check out the first episode of the Finca Diaries #1

Nina, James, Lenny, Pumpkin, Josie and Nala give you an insight into our daily life and you get to see how a day in our life on the Finca looks.

Finca Diaries #2

Here we talk about the highs and the lows, our motivation and the “why.”

Finca Diaries #3

We will also share our experiences running a small company in Spain and the challenges we face in life as entrepreneurs as well as a young family.

In the upcoming episodes, you can learn about our journey to veganism, our vision and our dreams. We would love it if you would accompany us on this journey with The Finca Vegana Diaries ✨✨

Of course you can follow us on Instagram for your regular dose of the Finca Family.

A special thanks goes to Pinaak, the artist who made all these videos possible. Thank you!

🇩🇪 Deutsche Untertitel verfügbar auf Youtube

🇪🇸 Subtítulos disponible en español en YouTube

The Finca Family while shooting

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