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Our search for people to take over

In October we shared the “biggest news ever” with you: We, the Finca Family, will not continue to run Finca Vegana in the future. WE ARE STILL LOOKING for people to take over and who want to live in this beautiful place and to take the project to the next level.

What does this mean for you as a guest? Today we answer your most frequently asked questions:

  1. Will the Finca Vegana remain? We hope so! There were and are many interested parties for our little paradise. We assume that we will find suitable successors, but we cannot say with 100% certainty.
  2. How much longer will you stay? Our lease ends on August 1st 2023 and we hope to be able to train our successors for the start of the season in spring. If we don’t find someone, we will stay until the end of our contract.
  3. Why are you leaving? Finca Vegana was and is a passion project for us and we love this place, even though (or because? :-P) it has often pushed us to our limits. Our 5-year lease ends this coming summer and we could now extend it – or not. We decided on the latter because we simply want to move on again. To be free while the children are small and discover the world with them. To feel what really fulfils us and makes us happy from what we have been doing for the last 4.5 years. Then, with all this knowledge, take the next step and put down roots somewhere 🙂
  4. Can I book for next year? Yes, absolutely! Some are hesitating with their booking right now because they don’t know what’s coming. We hope to provide some clarity with this post as well and would appreciate your support in the form of a booking. There are already some bookings, but the fuller the booking calendar, the more attractive for our successors 😉
  5. Have you already found someone who will be taking over? After our first announcement, more than 30 parties were interested: Some who were just curious about the conditions, some who would like to manage it, others who are interested but unfortunately don’t have the money for the transfer fee and still others who are not interested in the concept and just want to pay us for the inventory. So we are still looking.
  6. What if I am interested in taking over the Finca Vegana? Then we say: Congratulations! You’re investing in a great business opportunity! For the work, time and money we have invested in building up this business, we would like to have a compensation – because paradise does not come for free 🙂 If you are interested, please contact us by e-mail and we will send you all the information. Important: The property is not for sale, but the concept & inventory incl. website, google maps, social media and all investments we have made.

If you dream of leading such a project, you would like to live in nature and the vegan idea appeals to you – don’t hesitate any longer and contact us. Even if you feel that this is unrealistic and so far away, remember:

Even the longest journey ALWAYS begins with the first step. We didn’t plan it then either and here we are, almost 5 years later.

We are looking forward to the next 6 months with great guests and potential interested parties to whom we can show our passion project. And we are sure that we will find someone who loves this place as much as we do and who will continue to welcome you and your furry friends warmly and spoil you with delicious food <3

What about you, are you still coming to visit us next year?

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