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The finca family in Spring

We’re closing

After a great season, countless happy moments and meeting the most amazing people, we’re closing Finca Vegana’s gates. Don’t worry though, it won’t be forever 😉

The plan for November

Since we get so many enquiries from you, we would like to give you the latest information about our opening hours. Because, no, our booking form is not broken 🙂

Because of COVID we haven’t seen our friends and family in Germany for two years. Constant lockdowns and restrictions made it impossible for us to go. Therefore we have decided to do a road trip up there in our camper Helmut to see all the people that matter to us. Not only have Nina’s grandpa and grandma been unwell, but friends had babies and others got dogs… and we just find that it’s really time to catch up with everyone. So for the month of November Finca Vegana will not be open for guests or volunteers.

Christmas and New Years

We love Christmas and New Years here, when it’s already chilly outside at night and in the mornings. Luckily we have those fireplaces to keep us warm. That’s why we will reopen at the start of December until after Spanish Christmas.

For New Year’s Eve we are planning a cozy little fire and a small ritual to say goodbye to 2021 and “hello” to 2022. There won’t be any Christmas music or the big cliche decorations. It probably goes without saying but we also won’t be having any fireworks. There WILL be just a quiet few days to end the year. We want to reflect and turn inwards in a natural and beautiful setting, surrounded by lovely people.

Next year and the future

As of January 10th 2022 Finca Vegana remains closed until approximately the beginning of May. Many of you may have heard already that we are expecting another little miracle to join our crew in April 2022. With a baby on the way there will be so many changes that we have to find our own way first before we can open up again. Once we do though we will, of course, welcome you with open hearts and all our love.

So, you might not hear much from us in between. We’re really looking forward to taking some time off now, to recharge and to find our balance before the little one arrives. And we all know how time flies so we’re basically already looking forward to opening our gates for you in May 2022 🙂

Take care everyone, love, the finca family

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