Finca Vegana

Finca Vegana

Listen to the splashing water while relaxing in a hammock by the stream

The Finca Vegana is located at the foot of the white mountain village of Zahara de la Sierra. Pristine nature, the crystal-clear stream and a dreamlike starry sky make this place unique.

Finca Vegana is an attraction unto itself

Not only are you spending the night in a holiday home, you will be part of the special atmosphere we enjoy here. Our guests often call the Finca “paradise on earth” or “simply a little oasis”. You can relax by the pool or in one of the hammocks, picnic in the green meadow or stroll along the banks of the Bocaleones stream, all on the Finca grounds. Especially in Summer, the stream is a shady retreat from the sun and a quick dip in the fresh, cool water will leave you invigorated.


Undisturbed, peaceful and in harmony with nature

Take a moment to witness a true spectacle when the curtain to the animal kingdom lifts: little lizards or praying mantises, lie patiently in wait. Kingfishers bathe in crystal clear water while dragonflies hum above the surface. In the night you can hear the cuckoos and owls hoot before day brings an orchestra of birdsong and makes for the most beautiful concerts every day. Then, a seemingly distant, sleepy “baaaa” as you wake up with a smile.

In addition to cats and dogs, toads, mice and all kinds of geckos and lizards live here. Colorful butterflies fly through the sweeping gardens in Spring and Summer. In the evening, sparrows and bats make steep dives to the pool while you sit and wonder if you’re dreaming. It is a privilege to be able to observe these animals in their environment.

On the one hand, modern life presents us with many challenges: constant pressure to perform at work, traffic jams on your commute, the hectic pace of every day and generally too little time for oneself. On top of this, the perpetual, in-your-face presence of advertising, social media and unfeasible expectations.

On the other hand, we are experiencing a big shift in our society. A growing need for calm and inner balance, for originality and personal connections. A digital detox, so to speak. Does this sound familiar? Then you’re in the right place at Finca Vegana.

Magical wilderness and personal encounters

Our guests enjoy the peace and idyll of the Finca. Wild nature, a place of connection: connection with oneself, with others and with nature. Whether casual encounters or in-depth discussions – power down and recharge.

Simply savour the moment, wind down and find your inner-balance again – that’s what Finca Vegana is all about.

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