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Eating in nice company in the middle of nature

What’s the deal with Finca Vegana, do I have to be vegan to go there?

“If I have to be vegan I won’t book your place!“

What’s the deal with Finca Vegana? Do I have to be vegan? What about a bbq or bringing cheese at least?

White writing on wooden sign

wooden sign with letters ‘vegan’

We’ll explain it to you:

When we took over Finca Vegana in 2018, we were unsure of the direction we wanted to take the business in. Our main concern was that a vegan business wouldn’t survive. Also, we still thought that being vegetarian is pretty good and that it doesn’t harm anyone. It didn’t take long for us to learn that this is far from the truth…

Learnings and consequences

The Finca brought us into contact with some amazing and inspirational people. Through deep conversations, eye-opening documentaries, informative podcasts and a lot of reading, we learned about the cruel reality of the dairy and egg industries. As a result, we, as a family, became fully vegan. It is what we have come to believe to be the best we can ALL do for the animals, our planet and for our own well-being.

Eating in nice company in the middle of nature

Dining in a cosy atmosphere and surrounded by nature

Of course not everybody in our family and social circles is vegan. There is a mix of everything and we love every single one of them and respect their choices. All the while hoping of course that they will all make the move to being more on the vegan side 😉

Knowledge is power, and we were empowered to make a clear decision that Finca Vegana is 100 % vegan. Because being “a little bit vegan” simply doesn’t work for us here.

What does this mean exactly?

Not only the food, but all the products that we use and provide, from hand soap to towels, bed sheets and cleaning products, are vegan. Therefore it also means that NO animal products are welcome here. No cheese, cows milk, eggs and of course no meat, fish or anything similar.

Sometimes people comment that our philosophy is “a bit over the top” or “very restrictive”. Some even say that we can’t tell them what to do. And they’re right, we can’t. Everyone is free to do whatever they want, anywhere. The vast majority of holiday homes and event locations are absolutely not as „restrictive“ as we are. But if you decide to stay at Finca Vegana, we expect our philosophy to be fully respected. 

James in the kitchen preparing food for our guests

James in the kitchen

Why? Because our mission is to create a positive experience with veganism, for vegans and non vegans alike. It makes no difference to us where someone is at on their journey towards a more conscious life.

We aim to make a positive impact on this world by running a cruelty-free business which is aligned with our values and beliefs. Meanwhile we hope to inspire others along the way.

We would be thrilled to spoil you with creative, plant-based dishes that hopefully inspire you to experiment at home too.

Now we’d love to hear from you: are you vegan or vegetarian or interested in making some changes to your lifestyle? Let us know in the comments!

Lots of love and we hope to welcome you (again) soon, your finca family


  1. John Harvey - 12/01/2022 20:12

    Hello, glad you went for being true vegan.

    • Nina Grätz - 15/01/2022 13:30

      Thank you John, that means a lot to us to hear that people appreciate it! Hope to see you in Spring!

  2. Katie - 17/04/2022 02:35

    Thank you so so so SO MUCH for what you’re doing with this business. I live in a large city in the US where being vegan is easy, but whenever I travel, it’s so hard to find places to enjoy because food is such a big part of traveling/culture for me…but I’m obviously not excited by someone saying “the only thing we have for you is fries…or steamed vegetables…or — the worst — can’t you just make an exception?” Ugh. No. I will not support the torturing and slaughtering or innocent animals so, no, I can’t just make an exception. So…I cannot wait to visit and support you and your business. Thank you again! YOU’RE AMAZING!!!

    – Katie


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